Monday, June 13, 2011

Back Again!

Hey everybody!  Sorry for the lack of meaningful posts lately, but with finals and getting ready to move to a new place, it's been pretty hectic.  Now is where I impart with you all something heartier and more filling than my previous post.

I have heard a lot of things about the series Firefly.  There are so many fans of this show that are raving mad about it, and insist it is the greatest show ever.  I was not one of these people, but one day I decided to give into the hype and see what this show is about.  After watching the whole series (which isn't much), I am still now one of those crazy fans.  But it is a damn good show.

Firefly is not your typical sci-fi series; set in the 26th century, it tells the story of a small ship and its crew as it explores the 'verse.  There are no aliens, only people trying to make a living.  It is a western set in space, and it is a very unique environment that boasts very unique characters.  I think that a lot of the allure of this show is its brevity.  You only get told so much about backgrounds of each character, it leaves you aching for more.  Plus, Christina Hendricks is in a few episodes, and she does not disappoint.

My only gripe with this show is the intro sequence.  It is so boring, droll, and just does not fit the excitement that the series contains.  Other then that, check this show out.  If you like it, check out the movie too, Serenity.  



  2. I've been meaning to check out Firefly for a while considering the cult following it has... also idk if it's new but I'm totally digging the robot/rocket background on your blog XD

  3. Firefly is simply an amazing show.

  4. Captain Hammer is saving the Universe with his fists in Firefly too? lolol. Nathan Fillion=win.

  5. Great show! You made a good choice!